Is there such a thing as happiness?

I am not really sure what we expect from the word “happiness”. If, we expect to run around and be over the moon all the time, I think that we have misunderstood the concept of happiness. Perhaps we should consider toning things down a bit, and call it contentment instead. Happiness to me means that you are in a state of euphoria all the time, contentment means that you are pleased with all the things that you have and achieved in your life.

Contentment means that you need to realize that you can’t have everything. You may want and desire to have everything, but there is no way that you can “have it all” as they say. Perhaps we are trying to achieve too much, and in the process we lose sight of true values and what they mean to us. If, we could regain those values perhaps we know how to find happiness says Surbiton escorts of

Many people ask themselves on a daily how to find happiness in a relationship. The thing is, everything is interconnected, and so are our relationships. You have a relationship with your husband, your kids and the rest of your extended family. On top of that you also have relationship with your friends and work colleagues.

Relationships are important to us and we need to foster them advice experts from Surbiton escorts. When I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, I had a lovely secretary called Yollande. The first thing I used to do every Monday morning was to pull Yollande in to my office, and have a chat about the weekend. That formed the basis of my relationship with her, and we have become lifelong friends. When her husband suffered a stroke, I flew to Jamaica to be with her. She is my friend and an important part of my world of relationships.

Perhaps that is a good way to think about relationships. They seem to exist in a parallel universe to our everyday life. Everything that we say and do affect our relationships, but yet we seldom think about it like that. We don’t think that our relationships are interlinked but they certainly can be! If, you are upset with your husband, you may have a moan about him together with your best friend. Now, she is involved in your relationship with your husband.

But the question is – how to find happiness in a relationship? We need to be able to appreciate the good and bad about a relationship, and that comes down to the character of the person you are having a relationship with at the time. There might be some things that you don’t like about that person. I always say to people if I like 90 % of that person, I am happy to have a relationship with them and I ignore the bad points.

My ex-boyfriend and I have a happy relationship. I like 90 % of him but the other 10 % I don’t like at all. But his good points are his strong points, and when I think about that it makes our relationship happy. I like to have the 90 % of him that makes me happy in my life, and the other 10 % I completely disregard.

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