Relationship Begins with you

As a single in my twenties, I often I find myself on the thought of searching for that special partner. My plan since I was young is to befriend first my future partner for at least a couple of years, then date for a year, engage for a year and then marriage by the time I reach late twenties or early thirties. But, this goal of my is a little far-fetched, I know most of you think so to. Right now I’ve been in lots of date but nothing serious. Most of my dates are escorts, I booked my dates at Acton Escorts agency at, I know what you’re thinking and I will say to you they’re wrong! I booked Escorts just for fun and also for business meetings as my dating companion. But anyway, back to my topic as I’ve said the goal of mine is far-fetched and I admit it and that is why I am really open to changing it.

At first, I know what I want and do not want for my future partner but as I am getting older every year, what I am thinking an easy mission before is now an Impossible Mission. Honestly, I am getting very impatient for my goal in the future, purely because of the wait. It is the waiting game that is very tedious.

There are times I reflect on my goal that I am really positive that my partner is somewhere out there waiting for me. I also wonder if she is waiting for me and thinking for me. But, as much as I am still waiting for this someone to be my future partner. I am always reminded by my friends on how they find their partners when the least expect to. Yet, with mission impossible I am still positive that in God’s time a person will be introduce to me and we are ready to be committed.

An escort girl I date from Acton before told me when I shared my impossible mission before that I am like this because I am not really ready for a committed relationship and this is my of escaping the situation. Well, honestly I had my doubts after she told me that phrase. For whatever reasons I could come up, I always came back to the question if I am ready. I am really not ready? But how will I know?

I’ve come up with some question to answer my question:

Am I Financially ready? Well, for now I’ve graduated few years ago I had some careers and have been laid off. So, my bank account is really no where I had in mind. Not to disclose my credit but I do have those. So I think my best course is to save up first.

Am I physically fit and attractive? Right now, I am fit I do some exercise and yogas. And in terms of being attractive my Escorts friends said so, so I don’t really have a problem in this area.

But the most Important is that quote from Aristotle that goes “Happiness depends upon ourselves”


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