Are you looking for a run of the mill London escorts date? 

I am afraid that I am not a run of the mill London escort. Instead I like to have some serious fun when I date, and you never know what is going to happen on a date with me. Of course, you may come around to have all of your dreams fulfilled, but I will do so in my own personal way. However, I have a feeling that you are going to enjoy it, and have some fun together. What kind of fun can I offer you at London escorts? Well, I am not the only girl who can offer you some fun at London escorts. You see, escort services in London have come along way in recent years, and we can offer you a lot of different ways of enjoying the company of escorts in London. For instance, you can enjoy a duo date with the girls at our escort agency here in London. That means you get a chance to meet two exciting ladies at the same time. But, there is more to us girls at London escorts. Not only can you find the hottest duo dates in this part of London, but you can find so much else here as well. Perhaps you would like to come around and play for a while. In that case, I like to know what kind of toys you like to play with. I have all sorts of fun toys here in my toy cupboard and when you cross my doorstep, you will be invited to pick your own toy. I love a gent who knows what he wants, and I am wondering if that gent happens to be you… Of course, we don’t only get good boys come around to see us here at London escorts. Sometimes bad boys like to come and visit us. If that is the case, we have to make sure that you know that you cannot be a bad boy all of the time. Believe me, we have a couple of girls here at the London escort from service that I work for. For instance, many of the girls here at London escorts may fancy telling you off a little bit. Don’t worry so much, they are not going to be too tough on you, and you may even enjoy the experience. What else can I do for you this evening? What if I said to you that you could make up your own date with us girls at London escorts. What kind of date would that be? I am really curious. Would you like us to stay in or go out? I can think of many fun things that you and I could do indoors, but at the same time, I could imagine it would be very nice to go out to dinner with you. If you fancy a little bit of Spotted Dick dessert afterwards we can always go back to your place. This is one dessert that I am a bit of expert in fixing up, and I hope that you would really enjoy my own special version of the dessert. I promise you that it is really yummy, and you will delight in the way it is served up.

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