Bad Women

The first time I met Alana I did not know what to make of her. Although I had dated London escorts before, I felt there was something special about her. Like all other London escorts that I met, I told her that I thought she was totally scrumptious. That was when I realised that Alana could be the girl my mother had warned me about. She flicked her long blond hair and looked at me with her intense blue eyes. As she fixed me with her gaze and whispered “do you want to eat me or fuck me” I started to feel a bit like a fish out water. It did not take me long to realise Alana was a pretty unique London escort.

Alana is the sort of girl who gets away with wearing a pair of black panties and still look like an angel. Other London escorts that I have met simply look like cheap tarts when I compare them to Alana. The funny thing is that Alana does not work for an elite London escorts agency. She works for my local cheap London escorts agency, but I have to admit that she is one of the most popular girls at my escort agency. Once you get to know her a little bit better it is easy to understand why.

Since I met Alana, I have not really felt like hooking up with any other London escorts. The only downside is that Alana is so busy that it is hard for her to fit me into her already busy schedule. I am pretty sure that she is the busiest girl that I have ever come across at any London escorts agency. Before I met Alana, I never thought that I would have to plan my dates a couple of days in advance. But, if I want o see Alana, I do need to plan ahead and that is sometimes difficult.

What else makes Alana special? There are many things that make Alana special, but it would be fair to say that she is perhaps a little “risky” if you know what I mean. The other night when she asked me if I had been a good boy and I said no, she told me she had unfortunately left her riding crop back home. She said it with a bit of a wry smile and it did worry me. I meet London escorts who are a bit cheeky, but Alana is a lot more than cheeky. This girl is on fire and she sets me on fire!

Should I continue to date Alana? There are days when I am not so sure. The thought has crossed my mind that I should date another escort from the same London escorts agency. There are some days when Alana is simply too much to handle for me. I enjoy her company very much, and she does turn me, but she is also the sort of girl that likes to challenge you. Out of all the London escorts that I have dated, she is the one stands out. Are there more girls like Alana at the escort agency? Why don’t you check out the London escorts agency she works for and finds out more.

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