Charing Cross Escorts – set up her own lingerie

Let’s face it – most ladies enjoy buying lingerie and have their own personal opinions what lingerie should look like. I like pretty lingerie, and my lingerie is lacy and black but not all the time. I think there are some very talented lingerie designers out there and some of them are even former Charing Cross escorts of A friend of mine who used to work for Charing Cross escorts services has recently set up her own lingerie business and I must say that I admire her for it. She in now designing and selling her own lingerie from a shop in Mayfair.

I have to say that Lisa is one of the smarter Charing Cross escorts that I have ever met. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and how she was going to go about it. First of all Lisa worked really hard for one of Charing Cross escorts agencies but instead of wasting her money, she saved a lot of it. The majority of Lisa’s money eventually went on sensible things such an apartment and what she called her education fund. All the money in her educational fund eventually allowed her to go to design college and she trained to be a clothing designer.

Once she had finished in Design School, she sat about designing her own unique ranges and found a factory in Wales who could make them up. After that she started selling her designs to other Charing Cross escorts and all of the Charing Cross escorts who bought her stuff absolutely loved it. In a very short space of time she had made a really good name for herself. Around that time Lisa decided that she had enough money and set up her own shop in Mayfair. It is a really posh store and she sells her designs to lots of wealthy people. Her in store line is exclusive to the store but she does have another line that she sells on the Internet. Talking about being smart!

Most Charing Cross escorts still Lisa’s designs and she is very popular with all sorts of people. One of my Charing Cross escorts friends told me that she has even sold some of her designs to the Royal Family. She has certainly done very well for herself and I am sure that her business will continue to grow. Most of the ladies and gents who shop with her don’t know that she used to work for Charing Cross escorts services. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with your life.

Running a business successfully is never easy and I am ever so proud of Lisa. I often shop in her shop and the lingerie is just beautiful. The quality is amazing and I just love it. I do pay a bit more but the end result is that I get some unique lingerie which last for years. My husband likes as well but if I told him the price he might be less impressed. However, I think that I deserve it and I just love the way Lisa’s lingerie makes me feel.

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