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We receive a lot of emails from guys who like to date escorts here at the Agency, but every so often we also receive emails from escorts. Yesterday we received an email from a lady who works for a London escorts agency, and she wanted to bring up a problem which she has with one of her dates with a fascinating London escorts.

Lina has been dated as part of a group of VIP London escorts for about two years now, and she loves her job. She writes that she has some really nice gentlemen callers, and that she is very fond of them. The only problem she has is that one of her guys would like to take sexy snaps of her. She is not sure if she should let or not, and her agency bosses have recommended her not to. However, Lina is very fond of her date and says that he treats her like a princess. She does not want to upset, but at the same time she is not entirely comfortable about him taking photos of her. Lina would like some advice from the Agency about the situation, and above all she would like to know if she should pose for the photos or not.

When I worked for a London escorts agency, I was often asked if I wanted to pose for photos with some of my gentlemen callers in the privacy of my boudoir. I fully appreciated that I wanted to keep my date and make them happy, but at the same time I was always a bit concerned about posing for photos, and I think that most London escorts would be.

Yes, it is really nice to be appreciated in such a way, and it is huge compliment. Obviously your date is finding you very sexy, and would like to enjoy some photos of you. However, the problem is that you don’t know where those photos are going to end up. For instance, I had a friend who posed for sexy pictures with a date, and he sold them to a magazine. She was distressed for several months afterwards and in the end she gave up her career as part of London escorts services.

I can understand that Lina does not want to disappoint her guy, but at the end of the day, I think that it is best if Linda does not pose for the photos. You must really know and trust someone a lot to pose for photos, and I think it has to do with personal integrity. I turned several guys down, and said that my agency bosses did not want me to pose for sexy photos. That is a pretty good way of handling the situation because the emphasis is not on you.

I am sure that if Lina talked to her agency bosses, and asked her date to contact them, they would back her up and further explain the situation. yes, it is tempting but it is better to say no.

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