Should I get remarried?

I got divorced not so very long ago, and I am not so sure that I should get remarried or not. A couple of months back, I met this really lovely girl at Harrow escorts and we have fallen in love. I would love for her to leave Harrow escorts so that we could spend more time together, but I am not sure that it is going to work out. Like so many other young ladies, she is very independent and does not want to give up her job. When I first got married things were different and girls gave up their jobs to spend time with their partners.

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It may sound silly but I thought that the trend was very much to live together and not get married, but my hot young thing at Harrow escorts don’t seem to be looking for that at all. She has told me that if I want her to leave the escort agency it has to be with a ring on her finger, and marriage. Otherwise it would mean giving up too much. I do have to say that a lot of ladies are becoming very business minded when it comes to relationships these days.

Although I really love Karina at Harrow escorts, I am not sure that I would like to get married. It is a really high commitment and I am not sure that I am ready for that yet. There are a lot of things to consider and I am not even sure what my kids would think about Karina. She is really sexy and hot, but I am not sure that she would make the idea step mother material for them. They may feel that she is too young for me altogether. Yes, I have to say that I am very concerned that they are not going to get on.

I have suggested that Karina and I live together for a little while at first. She seems to understand how I feel but at the same time she says that I am not that committed to her. Having been through one divorce, I do not really want to go through another. It costs a small fortune and you end up an emotional wreck. When I first met Karina at Harrow escorts, I had just come put of my divorce and I felt awful. We have talked about it and she does remember what kind of man I was when we first met, but she still insists on this marriage thing.

A friend of mine who lives in other part of London used to date mature escorts. He met a really nice lady when he started to use the agency and now they are a couple. They don’t even live together but he helps out a bit financially. She has left the agency and is doing another job, and they seemed to be happy together. The other day when Karina came around from Harrow escorts, I offered her the same arrangement. She seemed a lot happier about that and I think that we may be about to reach a compromise.

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