St Albans escorts Vs Sexual Predators

A lot has been written about sexual predators in the press recently, and it is generally presumed that a sexual predator only pursue young people in a search for underage sex. This is not true. There are many different types of sexual predators. Some of them like dating St Albans escorts, others have different types of sexual preferences.


St Albans escorts of appreciate that some sexual predators can be violent if they don’t get what they are after, and they are also aware when they meet a new date for the first time, things can go wrong or get out of hand.


St Albans escorts

It is not only St Albans escorts who face the danger of meeting or encountering a sexual predator. Many girls and ladies out for a fun night may even fall victim to sexual predators. The problem is that unlike St Albans escorts, the average girl out for a good time may not necessarily recognize the signs of a sexual predator.


What is a sexual predator? And who is a sexual predator?


A sexual predator is someone who goes out for the purpose of having sex. They may even stalk women that they have seen in the street, and taken a sudden fancy to. Many sexual predators live in a total fantasy world and believe the world revolves around them and their sexuality.


Many sexual predators have fetishes or perhaps even very odd sexual habits which women and St Albans escorts would not be comfortable with. Their habits may involve violent or rough sex,


The problem is that it is not easy to recognize who is a sexual predator. Most of them look very ordinary, and may even be living next to you without you knowing. They can be doctors, lawyers and many of them are even married with families.


What makes a sexual predator? What drives a sexual predator?


It is difficult to say what make a sexual predator, and there is even a possibility than some people are born with predatory instincts.


It is wildly recognized that many sexual predators had abusive childhoods, or grew up in a family where there wasn’t a lot of love and affection. This means that they have not experienced a lot of love and affection, and may mistake some sex acts for love. As a result of their upbringing, certain neuro connections in their brains may not have formed, and therefore some emotions cannot be recognized by the brain.


Some sexual predators only start displaying predatory behavior after an accident or brain injury. Brain injuries can lead to serious damages to our neuro network which results in emotions and feelings getting mixed up.


What seems like the wrong thing to do before a brain injury, may not seem wrong afterwards. This indicates damage to what is known as the paralimbic system, and may mean the person has an injury which has affected the part of the brain known as the orbitofrontral cortex. When this happens a person will act more on instinct than out of reasoning.


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