Please let me enjoy some sex

I don’t know how it has happened but for the last couple of years I have not had sex. The crazy thing is that I took on this fantastic new job, and ended up travelling around the world with no chance for a relationship. Now I am back in London, and it literally feels like I have dried up or seized up. It is a bit like a piercing which has healed over. My sister who works for London escorts laughs at me and says that it is all in my head. I am not sure that is right.

To be frank. I am not sure what is going but I do feel that I am not getting turned on at the moment. My sister and her friends at outcall escorts have suggested that I get some sex toys. That really freaked me out, and I have to confess that I have never used a sex toy in my entire life. However, now could perhaps be a good time to try. If you like, I just need to get my juices flowing again. At least that is what my sister at outcall escorts thinks that I should be doing.

The other night when I went out with my sister and her friends from outcall escorts, I met this rather hot guy. He is a friend of my sister and actually works for a group of male London escorts. Let put it this way, he had a certain air about him, and I felt that he was really turning me on. When we left the pub, I could not stop thinking about him and that must be an indication that things are changing. As a matter of fact, I thought about asking if we could meet up again.

Perhaps the ideal solution for me would be to date a couple of male escorts and see if I could get myself excited about being around guys again. The great thing is that my sister knows a few male outcall escorts and I have thought about asking her to invite them the next time we all go out for drinks. It may not the perfect thing to do, but I just feel that I need to get over this barrier or hang up that I have got. Actually it is really about time I hung around some really hot guys such as male outcall escorts.

It has really surprised me how many escort agencies you can find in London these days. Looking around it seems that escorting is big business. London has certainly changed a lot since I last lived here and I am not so sure that I feel at home any more. My sister works hard for a outcall escorts service, and does not really have that much time to spend with me. Sometimes I feel a little bit out of it, and side lined by it all. Still, I think it is about time that I found my own fun and sorted my life with some sexy fun with a hot guy.

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